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PT Tech Jobs – Short Story

PT tech jobs are growing in number, and attracting a new breed of young and educated talent.

When we reach a physical impasse in our lives, it is easy to let that setback hinder our mental and emotional health as well. But a setback is all an injury can be. That’s because physical therapy tech jobs are taken by valiant individuals with good hearts and the will to help people overcome any hurdles that prevent them from experiencing life to the fullest.

Kelly had been a star athlete growing up. In high school he played football, basketball, and ran track. Pushing himself physically was a thrill that conquered every aspect. It gave him control over his body, it required a measurable mental focus, and it pushed him to be emotionally strong – so he could triumph over every adversity that stood before him in the spirit of competition.

Kelly’s athletic pursuits followed him through college, where he landed a scholarship at an NCAA ranked school for basketball. This was a dream come true. Not only could he continue to develop his skills, and the audience that watched him grew.

One game, as he pressed his strength, and took to the net – cutting between other players with finesse and precision – his life was thrown in another direction.

Kelly’s knee crashed into the leg of another player, and he fell to the ground – separating his shoulder. Instantly, the life of sport that he had grown to love had come to an abrupt end.

But Kelly was internal optimist, and he looked to turn what had given him weakness into a new strength.

Through his own physical therapy, Kelly began to learn all about the methods and the technologies that people could use to recover from injury. He was incredibly fascinated by the pursuit of physical therapy, and focused on learning more with the same passion and tenacity that had propelled him to great heights in the athletic arena.

As he healed, he discovered the applications PT had with research, education, consultation, and administration.

That’s why we hired Kelly right away. We need physical therapy technicians at our rehabilitation center that can provide genuine care. While we never wish an injury like Kelly’s to happen to anyone, that injury gave Kelly the strength to discover a whole new opportunity for himself – one that can benefit millions of other lives. From patient care and athletic facilities, nursing homes and hospitals, we provide the upmost of care. That’s why Kelly was a perfect fit for our PT tech job.


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