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Enterprise Resource Planning – Short Story

Career in Enterprise Resource Planning through the Eyes of Adam – Short Story

Adam had been there too many times. He had the drive, the intuition, the idea, the perseverance, and the fire in his heart—only to be cut down by them; or cut down by something out of his control.

Handling Enterprise Resource Planning for a multitude of companies could be tough. Adam dealt with many people simply didn’t want to adopt new systems or ideas because they were different. These systems pushed people outside of their comfort zones, and that threatened them.

The truth is—Adam saw a bright future ahead of him. It was a future that promised better than what he had before him. He could change the world, one client and company at a time by integrate every component of their organization into one, beautiful working piece. Doing this over and over would increase the quality of his work, and the level of his worth—empowering him to get what he really wanted out of his life. His friends, his family—he knew they deserved better, and in his soul lived the energy to create that greater world for them.

From communications to HR, Sales, inventory, security and more—the tools that Adam had at his disposal could put businesses on the fast-track towards success.

But the road to roses it tried with thousands of ripples and waves that can hold you down if you pay too much attention to the undertow. Adam didn’t want to get dragged underground. He was ready to rise up.

There were many people who didn’t see the value in adopting ERP solutions. But right then, all over the world, businesses were growing to meet the demands of information, design, and technology within every aspect of how they operated. As every facet of every business and industry grew faster by the day, companies needed to stay competitive in order to take their clients and employees to the next level.

Knowing this, Adam didn’t quit. He knew, like everyone willing to do their best—his talent worth something. The best part was, his talent was recognized by the same people who told him ‘no’ over and over. They could see it, which is why they were fighting him—because they didn’t have the confidence to move beyond where they were, and that made them jealous.

For anyone who can see their future as crystal clear as Adam—or those who simply wish to reach higher: what you will remember, years from now, on top of your mountain—lungs full of fresh air—will be the sleepless nights, and the mornings you never hit snooze. You’ll remember the effort it took, you’ll remember pushing yourself endlessly—and every last moment you’ve spent reaching for the top will flash through your head the moment you walk in that room, ready to present; ready to unveil your idea—your product, your prototype—your vision.

Once any client or company saw the power of ERP once the tools were at their disposal, Adam would receive thank-you phone calls for weeks.

He never remembered a time when he gave up. They never did, either.

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