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5 Things to Know When Putting Together an ERP Resume

Writing a resume is often a dreaded task that most people rarely put much thought into. Most job searchers will list their previous work history and send it out in hopes to get at least one response. While this may work if you are looking for a mediocre job that barely pays minimum wage this is not the approach you will want to take for a professional, career position. If you have not been having much luck in your job search efforts, it could simply be because you ERP resume is not properly constructed.

The 5 Must Have Features In Your ERP Resume

1.) Your Basic Information

Your name and how to contact you should come first on your ERP resume. Center your name, address, contact numbers and email address at the top of the page. Most often your address is not necessary, especially if you plan on relocating for the position you are applying to. Make sure your email address is a professional one. The cute email address you created in college is not going to earn you points with any potential employer. You can easily register for a free email address from a number of sites including Google, so if you need one then take the time to create a professional one.

2.) Professional Summary

Your professional summary is going to be one of the first things your employer will read and it needs to be a strong selling point for yourself and your skills. Your professional summary will briefly emphasize your skills as an ERP business analyst and your experience. It should be no longer than a paragraph in length.

3.) Core Qualification

In this section of your ERP resume you are going to list your ERP related qualification. This can include the software you know, specific areas you have an understanding of and other related experiences you have with ERP systems.

4.) Your Experience

In the experience section you will list your past work experience, much like you would on any other resume. Your work history should only go back to the last fifteen years and should only include relevant work history. The job you had in high school or the summer job you worked on a cruise ship to pay for college will not be necessary. List your jobs from the most recent first and go in reverse chronological order. When listing your past experience make sure you also include the job duties you did on a regular basis. You will also want to put the most significant accomplishments you achieved at the position first in your duty list.

5.) Education

The last thing you will want to include on your ERP resume is the education you have received. This only needs to be your college education, your employer is most likely not interested in the high school you graduated from and is irrelevant since you most likely needed to graduate from high school to go onto college.


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